Super Nutrient Sushi Wrap

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You just might be deficient in a few important nutrients, unless you are paying close attention.

Vitamin D is a super-important nutrient. Some people think they can get it from the sun, maybe so.

Do you have the enzymes necessary to convert the sun’s beneficial ray’s into the proper form of vitamin D your body can use?

I have been listening to and videotaping amazing holistic health experts recently, that provide enlightening information.
Based on what I learned, I created this recipe for a nutrient dense Sushi Wrap. You can modify the recipe to taste.

Super Nutrient Sushi Wrap

Super Nutrient Sushi Wrap from Jeff Yentzer on Vimeo.

Super Nutrient

Iodine is another nutrient maybe we just don’t get enough of, despite propaganda.
Ok, so we get enough to avoid goiter, but what about the optimal amout of iodine?
I have become a huge fan of seaweed, very rich in iodine.

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