Red white and blue

Patriotic Paleo Wrap

Happy Independence Day everyone. Hope you are having fun and enjoying your freedom today!

Here is a sushi wrap with a patriotic theme. The great thing about seaweed sushi wraps, is that you can put almost anything in them. So I created this one with a Patriotic theme.

  • Red tomatoes
  • Blueberries
  • White Spicy Sprouts

Patriotic Paleo Wrap Recipe

Red white and blue

Start by laying your sushi nori wrap on a nice plate. Lay down a bed of leafy greens. To that add some sprouts of your choice. Alfalfa, bean sprouts, spicy, broccoli, whatever you like. Then add a few fresh blueberries, frozen is ok if you can’t get fresh. Organic is best if you can get them. I cooked up some grass-fed lamb. I like mine rare. You could use any kind of protein here. Over the top I poured just a little bit of oil. Sunflower/ Red Palm oil is what I had on hand. Other oils would work too like olive oil or sesame oil.

Finally roll it up and enjoy! It’s a Free Country, so change up the recipe any way you like. This would be great for a family picnic, or to much on while watching fireworks.

Please share your favorite Patriotic recipe below in the comments section!

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