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This is truly a great concept. Use the internet as a virtual Farmers Market.
Check out the video.

Instead of standing out in the hot sun, farmers and gardeners list their available produce online by Monday. Then the online market opens to the public on Monday night. People buy fresh, locally grown, organicĀ  food from the website. Market closes on Wednesday and whatever is sold is harvested and delivered by Friday morning. There is a local delivery route in the St. Petersburg area.

People get fresh healthy food and growers can sell what they have available. A great concept for everyone.

local food

Make yourself a fresh salad with locally grown, chemical-free produce. Not sprayed with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Check it out at StPete.LocallyGrown.net . This is a great model for communities all over the world. If your local area does not have a locallygrown.net market consider starting one. You can learn by checking out how the folks in St Petersburg, FL are doing it and model after it.

3 cheers for fresh, local food!

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