Easy to Grow Plant for Hot Climate, Very Nutritious

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The Moringa Tree is very easy to grow and very hard to kill, if you live in a hot climate.

Nathan from StPete.LocallyGrown.net shares with us in this video all about the Moringa Tree.

Easy to Grow Plant for Hot Climates, Moringa Tree

Moringa is a complete protein
Every part of the plant is edible or useful in making tea. The leaves, stems, bark and roots and seed pods.
If you like to grow your own organic food, the Moringa Tree is a great choice in places like Florida and other warm climates.

The tree has a deep tap root that establishes itself very quickly. Once established you don’t have to water it unless it gets really dry.

Plant a seed pod in the ground and watch it grow. You can keep it to any size by pruning it back. It can get really big, or stay bush size if you keep it trimmed.

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  1. Great information Nathan…Lenny and I have not yet tried growing Moringa but after seeing this I think we’ll give it a try.

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