Berry Delicious Health Snack

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Berry Delicious Health Snack

This baby is delicious and very low in carbs.

It has a good amount of healthy fats from the coconut milk and walnuts.

Both raspberries and cranberries, are low sugar, low glycemic fruits. The carbs in this snack are definitely on the lowdown.

In a Bowl, Mix TogetherFruit and nuts in a bowl coconut milk

  • Raw walnuts, or to make it more compatible with the alkaline diet, choose almonds instead.
  • Cranberries
  • Raspberries
  • Unsweetened coconut milk
  • A small piece of pickled beet, with live cultures
  • Add the nuts, fruit and beet to the bowl and pour the coconut milk over it.

This is way better than your typical breakfast cereal. Almost all breakfast cereals are not compatible with a Paleo diet lifestyle. They are full of grains and sugar.

raspberries and cranberriesYou could also substitute the fruit. You could use peaches instead of berries. The relative amount of sugar in the bowl, will increase based on what kinds of fruit you add. You could consult an alkaline diet chart for a list of fruits that are more alkaline than cranberries and raspberries.

  The pickled beet provides live probiotic cultures, that is provided you get that kind that are not pasteurized and contain live cultures to begin with. Other types of fermented vegetables can be substituted, if you don’t have access to pickled beets. Ask around at your local farmer’s market for fermented foods.

Some of the experts I have listened to have said that therFruit and nuts with coconut milke are more living probiotic organisms is one tablespoon of fermented foods (sauerkraut, Kim-chee, pickles, pickled beets, fermented vegetables) than there are in a whole bottle of probiotics.

Probiotic Therapy

My current probiotic therapy consists of eating a forkful of fermented veggies once or twice a day.

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