Bacon Fried Kale, Yummy

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For all you bacon lovers out there, here is a delicious recipe that also includes one of the all time favorites of natural health enthusiasts, – Kale.

This lunch or dinner recipe also includes sweet potatoes for a well rounded meal.

This was one of the best tasting lunches Ive had in a while.

Bacon Fried Kale Recipe Video

Bacon Fried Kale RecipePaleo Sweet Potatoes

    • Start by precooking the sliced sweet potatoes in a little water. Drain and set aside. About 5 minutes of cooking per side is plenty.


  • Start cooking your bacon. When you get some grease in the pan from the bacon frying, add back the sweet potatoes and the chopped kale.
  • Bacon Fried Kale in the panTowards the end of cooking, add a few fennel seeds to help with digestion
  • Once cooked pile onto the plate
  • Optional, garnish with a few slices of tangerine or orange
  • Squeeze a slice of fresh lime over the bacon fried kale
  • Add a few sage leaves or herb of your choice
  • Finally add a scoop of raw sauerkraut to add healthy probiotics (note NOT pasteurized or cooked. Look for a product with LIVE cultures)

This recipe contains what I call the “Dual Digestive Duo” Good digestion is vital to actually absorbing the nutrients from food. Even the best quality food needs to be broken down and assimilated by the digestive system. Fennel seeds have been historically used by herbalists to help with digestion.

Enjoy this Paleo recipe any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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This was the no sugar added bacon. It is always a good idea to read the ingredient labels on any type of food.

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